About Us

Timan-Pechora Exploration CJSC has been operating since April 26, 1996. We have an authorize capital of 650,000,000 ruble giving us a stable ground in the energy sector. Timan-Pechora Exploration CJSC strategic priorities is one of the world’s largest public oil company in terms of proven hydrocarbon reserves and hydrocarbons output. 2013 was a record and defining year for Timan-Pechora Exploration CJSC both regarding reaching high production and financial indicators and implementing strategic initiatives that assign the development dynamics for the Company and the sector itself for the coming decades. The company completed a number of key acquisitions the synergistic effect of which amounted to more than RUB 27 bln. During 2013 Timan-Pechora Exploration CJSC significantly increased its performance in the international projects – currently the Company carries out its delivery activities in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Algeria, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, UAE, and Armenia. The company continues working on improving its business performance, preparing to launch major projects and ensuring long-term profitability for its shareholders in 2014.


Extraction of crude oil and oil (passing) gas, Agent activities in the wholesale trade of fuels, ores, metals and chemicals, Wholesale trade of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products, Wholesale trade in specialized stores, Oil pipeline transportation, Storage and warehousing of oil and its products, Rental and leasing of mining and oilfield equipment.

Cargo handling, Exploratory drilling, Freight transport and transportation services, Other specialized construction activities not, Business and management consultancy, The provision of services in the field of oil and natural gas, Separation and extraction of fractions from petroleum (associated) gas.


Construction of residential and non-residential buildings, Demolition and demolition of buildings, Earthworks, Roofing, The provision of intermediary services in the sale of real estate on a fee or contract basis, The provision of intermediary services for the rental of real estate on a fee or contract basis, Providing consulting services in the sale of real estate on a fee or contract basis.

Provision of consulting services for the rental of real estate on a fee or contract basis, Exploration, geophysical and geochemical works in the field of the study of mineral resources and the reproduction of the mineral resource base, Market research, Renting and leasing of other land vehicles and equipment.